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Happy to see that you are interested in ROIplan. Our mission is to help B2B marketing teams transition to revenue-driven approach, align with sales and client success around business goals, and provide clear analytics on marketing performance to stakeholders.

While we are on the growing stage, I’d like to learn more about your goals and help you to get the maximum from the platform.

All you need is just to book a 20-minutes call with me where we discuss your goals, and I’ll quickly share the platform opportunities.

Here is a caveat.

We are adopts of product-led growth. Once you book a call, you’ll be redirected to sign up platform. You can create a free account and play with the software before our call.

One thing I want to share with you: I hate sales calls. My goal is to get maximum information about your marketing needs, goals and challenges, and help you to achieve them with ROIplan (if it will be a good fit) or advice you on the next steps. So it’s a clear win-win for the both sides.

Treat is a friendly chat with a seasoned B2B marketers.

Sounds like a plan?

Then choose the date and time that work for you.

See you.

Andrei Zinkevich