Improve marketing ROI, align your campaigns with business goals, and demonstrate their impact on revenue in one click.

According to Hubspot's State of Inbound report, three core B2B marketing challenges marketing teams face across the globe are lead generation, proving the ROI of the campaigns and getting approval of the budget.

ROIplan helps you to align all campaigns with revenue and business goals, get the approval, and easily share the channel, experiments, and team performance with stakeholders and sales.

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Set up your core goals and budget and plan experiments to achieve these goals.

When planning marketing campaigns and experiments, it's quite easy to forget about your core goals and the total budget. ROIplan will show you the available and allocated budget and goal allocation to make sure your plan is aligned with business goals.

Get buy-in and budget approval from stakeholders.

Demonstrate the expected results, necessary budget, campaign length, and ROI with a visualized dashboard. Avoid the misunderstanding with stakeholders - start working only on the experiments that were approved by your supervisor.

Share live performance and ROI of your campaigns.

You don't need anymore to download reports from different channels and software to create a consolidated marketing report for your stakeholders. Share goal progress, budget spent, live performance, and ROI by experiments, channels, and team.

Orchestrate and plan complex marketing campaigns.

Do you want to prepare an event? Or arrange an account-based demand generation campaign? Or any other campaign with a long cycle and different team members involved?

ROIplan will help you to prove the budget and ROI, allocate tasks between team members, and align it with business goals. You can also try our templates - proven campaigns Andrei launched with his clients.

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Share live performance

Demonstrate channel, experiment and team performance, budget spendings, and goal progress with your team and stakeholders.

Allocate budget

Set up a budget and core goal and allocate them efficiently between the channels.

Prioritize experiments

Define what experiments to start first with the Priority Score formula.

Get buy-in from stakeholders

Send experiments with the expected result, budget, and short description for supervisor approval.

Orchestrate complex campaigns

Orchestrate complex marketing campaigns leveraging our proven templates or creating new campaigns from scratch. Use our campaign wizard to automatically calculate campaign ROI.

Allocate your marketing assets in one place

Create and keep your vital marketing assets as ideal customer profile, market segmentation, swot analysis, customer surveys in one place instead of managing multiple spreadsheets.

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