Keep your finger on the pulse of marketing planning, budget allocation and spendings, and marketing performance with live results and dashboards.

The biggest problem with marketing in lots of organizations is the "fog of marketing." C+ don't know what exactly marketing works on, where do they spend budget and what are their actual results. 

ROIplan helps you to track live results, approve budget and marketing campaigns, and generate live marketing performance reports in one click.

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Track live performance of all marketing campaigns.

Get a clear overview of channel performance, budget spendings, and goal progress with live reports and dashboards. Make appropriate, timely decisions. Don't wait for consolidated or outdated reports.

Approve marketing campaigns and budgets.

Stay up to date with all marketing campaigns planned by your team. Approve or decline experiments and budget if you are not satisfied with expected results or see misalignment with business goals. Avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises with marketing.

Track team or vendor performance.

See how many experiments are in progress and are finished by every team member or vendor. Track their goal progress and spendings.

Protect marketing learnings and assets.

When marketers or vendors leave the company, they usually take away all the history of marketing campaigns, results, and learnings. ROIplan saves all the historical data for you and your team.

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Track live marketing performance

Track live channel, experiment and team performance, budget spendings, and goal progress. Make timely business decisions leveraging our automatically generated reports.

High-level overview

See the core goals your team or vendor want to achieve, the budget allocation between the channels, and the expected ROI from all marketing campaigns. Avoid misalignment of marketing activities and business goals.

Approve marketing campaigns and budget

Get live notifications about new campaign marketing wants to start and the necessary budget. Approve or decline them by providing the reason why you are declining the campaign.

Control the goal and budget changes

Avoid misunderstandings at the end of the month or quarter by approving or declining the goals, budget, or experiment edits. Be sure that the initial marketing plan and budget you've accepted, won't be changed without your permission.

Compare channel, team, and experiment performance

Compare your team performance in different periods of time. Track how your cost per goal was changing. See how close your team is to hit a yearly target.

Secure all your marketing assets and learnings

Protect your company from losing historical data and learnings you gained while running marketing campaigns when marketer or vendor leaves you. Keep the essential marketing assets as ideal customer profile, market segmentation, customer journey, results of previous campaigns, and experiments in one place.

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