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How Roiplan was born

I (Andrei Zinkevich) started my career as a sales rep and, after 5 years in sales, switched to marketing. Another 8 years I worked as a CMO and B2B marketing consultant with 50+ B2B Companies from Europe and North America.

Every company I joined, I saw the same problem: Stakeholders and B2B sales teams didn’t believe marketing and didn’t believe in marketing. They didn’t see the marketing impact on revenue.

During discovery calls, I often have heard that marketing is all about visiting roadshows and conferences, creating presentations, and spreading the content on social media. I have rarely heard about marketing efforts on helping sales generate high-quality leads and closing more deals.

One of the biggest problems is that marketers don’t know how to present a marketing plan for executives and sales teams. Board members don’t see a direct positive impact on revenue and decline plan and budget.

Board members never think about marketing efficiency in terms of press mentions, backlinks, likes, views, or followers. To get an executive approval on marketing plan and budget, as a marketer, you need to show:

  1. What metric are you working on?
  2. What are the success evaluation criteria?
  3. How can this campaign positively impact on revenue/sales? What’s the possible ROI?
  4. What is the timeline?
  5. What is the budget?


Besides this, there are lots of challenges that marketers face when working on marketing plans:

  • Find history and the reports of the experiments in the past
  • Allocate marketing budget in the most efficient way
  • Prepare executive reports that show the ROI of the campaigns
  • Orchestrate and align marketing campaigns with the sales team
  • Prioritize experiments and focus on those that might generate the highest possible ROI
  • Align non-lead generation campaigns with business goals and evaluate success criteria
  • Managing lots of Google Sheets and project management tools to plan, present and execute a marketing plan

All this led to the idea of creating a marketing planning software that will simplify marketers preparing revenue-driving plans and get executive approval.