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Does your marketing really generate ROI and revenue?

ROIplan helps to orchestrate revenue-driven marketing campaigns, manage marketing budget, and share the real-time performance including campaign’s ROI.

Isn't it better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times?

We've recorded a short product tour that gives a clear overview of the key ROIplan features and describes how it can help to refine your marketing and sales operations.

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1. When can we get started?

Just right off the bat. No commitments or credit cards required. Create your account, invite your colleagues and see if it works for you. Any questions you’ll have, just type them in the live chat. We are here to help.

2. What templates do you provide?

All templates we are sharing are templates from the campaigns Andrei Zinkevich uses at ROIplan and Right now you can access several ABM campaign templates like the market research campaign, direct mail outreach, virtual event, and podcast warm-up campaigns.

As well, you can access a marketing plan template for a B2B SaaS company.

3. Are there any contracts or commitments?

No. You pay per user per month without any commitments. You can remove or add users anytime.

4. How much does it cost?

The pricing is really simple: $15 per user per month. All features included. No hidden fees or commitments 🙂

5. What other help is available?

If you need team training or just need advice or feedback on the campaigns you are running, you can always book a call with ROIplan co-founder Andrei Zinkevich here.

6. How to get in touch?

What works for you better?

  • For instant feedback just ask your question in the live chat (green button in the left corner)
  • Shoot an email to
  • Or just connect with Andrei on LinkedIn

Marketing content hub

Love to read about revenue-driven marketing? Then check our content hub full of practical case studies and essays written by ROIplan co-founder Andrei Zinkevich.

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Wondering how ROIplan can help your team?

Just book a personal demo with ROIplan co-founder Andrei Zinkevich.

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Simple price per user billed monthly. All features are included.

No hidden fees, no obligations, no limits. You don't need to waste time thinking what is the best payment plan for you. All features are available for your team right off the bat.
Pricing which you'll love
/ Per user per month
Unlimited users and supervisors
Real time marketing performance dashboard
Unlimited marketing plans and campaigns
Zapier integration
Access to marketing plans and campaigns templates
Team training and support by Andrei Zinkevich, co-founder at ROIplan and

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