Turn your marketing into a revenue-driven machine

Create, manage and control all your marketing plans, campaigns and experiments in one place. Align with sales and business goals. Forget about multiple Excel spreadsheets.

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ROIplan helps marketing teams to align marketing with sales, business goals and focus on the experiments which can generate the highest possible ROI.

The Marketing Plan Software

01. Set up monthly or quarterly goals and marketing budget

Align all marketing campaigns and experiments with the business goals and allocate the marketing budget efficiently.

02. Leverage channel planning

Add, prioritize, describe, and set up the length of tests, and the target metrics in every channel.

03. Invite your team and clients

You’ll never pay for the supervisor or client access.

04. Get approval by your supervisor or client

We firmly believe that alignment between marketing, sales, and stakeholders might be possible only in case if everybody understands what and why marketing run different campaigns and experiments. Get approval, eliminate misunderstandings, and start the campaigns immediately.

05. Track the progress

Keep an eye on your performance, add your results, and make revenue-driven reports at the end of the planning period.

Improve marketing ROI, align your campaigns with business goals, and demonstrate their impact on revenue in one click.

ROIplan helps you to align all campaigns with revenue and business goals, get the approval, and easily share the channel, experiments, and team performance with stakeholders and sales.

Campaign approval

Get your campaigns and budget approved by the supervisor or your client.

Experiment prioritization

Identify the top priority campaigns and experiments.

Budget management

Allocate your marketing budget most efficiently by channels and experiments.

Keep your finger on the pulse of marketing planning, budget allocation and spendings, and marketing performance with live results and dashboards.

ROIplan helps you to track live results, approve budget and marketing campaigns, and generate live marketing performance reports in one click.

Zapier integration

Automation of the process

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